31 December 2017

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There was the fantastic concert from the box, the Box.
Music came from one person sounding like from 12.
All from the famous box.
Shaking, shrill, phantastic.

Tired after the concert he ignored all the journalist.
Shaking hard, did look like in pain, not really in fun.
He only reacted to me, let me a card given: Come to my house.

I had asked: Why are all especial pieces from Tuesday?

After some days for him to relax I drove to him.
He heard my name and let me in, the house on a cliff sightseeing the sea.
Only one extra, hardly seeable saw me into the house.
Box was here, not shaking, looking relaxed.
We walked on a table looking over the sea, no special music from box to see or to hear.

He wanted the Tuesday question explained.
Not all his popular pieces were from Tuesday.
I told him that after weeks of processing his life I listened to his work.
The popular music changed on the phone.
The typical hits droped after some time,
others raised for long after a while.
They fastinated me so I looked for similar points and found that the difficult, complex, grant
where all made on a Tuesday.

He laughed and started to talk, “Tuesday. Can take a while”:

When I was a small kid my hands, feet, head, actually all more and more upto everything shaked.
Some form of paralysis, never stops, shaking gets worse and hurts.
My parents loved me and tried everything, diverse doctors, different attempts,
legal and private, normal and experimental.
They also tried an experimental medical attendence relient on a box at a uni.

The science guys got us the idea explained.
A person could put some markers on the whole body, 1, 2, 20, 100derds.
Inside the box the markers would then be measure and interpreted.
It would read 3d position and its movement and interpret it into tone hight, tone character, loudness.
It does this every quarter second or quicker, oder slower.
Every marker in different style.
Your existence and motion of the whole body became music.

When you hear the motion of the whole body, each aspect, it helps you to coordinate,
to throw the shake away.

They said we will start with an easy song to follow and than a couple of weaks training,
to try different counts of markers, different distance to measure the tone, how to be in box ....
100 more sugestion.

With that in I went inside the box, 12 markers, measured every quarter second.
A short piece of kids songs were foreplayed: all the little checklings.

And a shrill, strange noise wall, they turned all on before I stood it at start.
The piece then came out horrible.
One, three, five, ten no improvement.
Stop, my body was crying, legs, arms, back, neck.
All hurt, lets stop.

We went through that, the copy the known song.
We tried weeks.
No real improvements.

The doctors thought, oh not easy, said, but lets try more often.
My parents had a clear idea: lets go, try the next medicine, one that is not so painfull.
I was 12 and had my own idea, lets try more often, it was kind of cool, once.
Lets continue until I get the cool.

After some discussion my parents then bought the box and then some music trainer and an helper of here, Joe,
one more health doctor than music one.
The box was at home now.

Nevertheless my parents tried plenty of new stuff, medikament, pseudo training or more.
I still came back to the box with a new trainer or without.
They trained slow pieces, fast ones, Mozart, Beethoven, Rock and Roll, Techno and kids style.
Only a bit closer better working was John Cage and Jazz, Shpongles, Nine inch Nails.
Not good, just marginal better.
I learned more above music, music theorie, Scales and modes, Consonance and dissonance, Rhythm, Melody, Chord,
Harmony, Timbre, Texture, Expression, Music perception and cognition, Musical semiotics, good stuff
like John Cage.

My trainers thought that my playing was different, my parents thought so, even me.
Just whether it was improving or not we had not the same opinion.
But I did not gave up and parents loved me.

It also started to get more and more painfull.
Joe would stop me.
He did not care whether the sound was good or bad.
Just my health did count.

By that attempts I learned to shake my arms, legs, body, finger, head indepant.
I got more muscle strength.
And I could play more different things.
There were phases were I would play and play until I break down or Joe would pull me out.
But after years the song became slowy better the body fitter until I rested a while.

I trained and trained and trained.
But after a while it got stopped, by me or the my health or Joe.
So I learned it could play 3-4 days and than needed a break.
In bed trying to stabilize.
Painfully getting rid of that extrem shake, hatefully waiting until I could go back to play.

It was not only shaking the box.
I modificated the time zone, long, shorter, random wise, 3-2 rythm.
Different markers, more, less, changed position. more on the arms, more left as right.
Added sit version, a other chair, but better stuck in a string group, like wafting.
This was recorded, so it could be later played with it.
But it was there, the recorded song.
I had a strange version of a christmas song.
Spontanious I published it, anomyous, on the net, 2.12 euro win.

You probably read that part.
The publishing got more and more popular.
Success was usually by an easy known song and bring it, wierd, with my style.
No tone were it usually was at the hight or loundness of the original, bring it 3,4,10 kinds at the same time.
From, hey a good joke, to hey strange but net, to really cool must buy.

The buyers next discussion was which band that was.
Or whether one persion made 12 tones and than mixte them, wired.
Than the rumor that this is one person, doing it in one go.

I started with concerts.
Very carefully prepared.
Don't show the pain too much.
Joe would pull me off the stage if neccesary.
This was all more pieces than traing at home.
But it cleared the rumors and made really good money.
I was flying in mood.

Nevertheless music at home or in live performance my pain forced me to stop.
But all the time I was still in medicamel experiments and surprise one worked.
Taking this stoped my shake.
A discussion with my parents was only about whether I taked this controlled and less.
Controlled means nomore shake at all or my way: less.
You have to see, no shake, no box playing.
Moneywise I did need no more, healthy wise I should stop music.
An other time in discussionen I insistead on my idea.

Timed with long breaks and a rythm of 3-4 days without medicaments.
Alone on this nice place and a concert once in a while.
Joe is here and pulls me out earlier if necessay.
My parents still love me but can't tolerate the unnecessay pain.
This were I am now.
The music is more than an just easy time.

Box stoped and looked at me.
He seamed to wait on me, the interviewer.
"There was no argument for Tuesday"

He laughte.
Yes I am not here, yet.

I had success when I wanted but there failed something, it was too smooch too similar.
Don't get me wrong, it was difficult, lots of work, torelant of pain, but not the new kind.
I went back to experiments.
Play longer, painfull, play non easy music, well ok but not enough.

I started with own music, own composite.

I played my new music in concerts.
My easy basis fans thought, ok, but play more from the old stuff.
It missed their taste.
But I thought it was still too easy.

I experimented again with when to play.
After much more tests when I could still but more chaotic play I found a way.
When Joe is about to stop you, one day more.

I needed plenty of break afterwards the pain was still there.
Also concert needed change, play with partners not on the optimal days.
Showing my worst and best day that to people was not a good idea.
Record at home.

I had the rythmus.
Start Saturday with an idea fresh feeling.
Sonday, shaking, work on it, making a song in my style.
Monday make it intereseting, eventuel concert it.
Tuesday, can't fully control the motion, can't fully handle the pain,
fight the whole time but fly on the result.

That is were I am now.

Ah that is the rhythm that shifts you to a repeatable end day.
That is Tuesday.

He laughs.
The first interested song was on a studio in a Uni on a Tuesday.
The entry into the box, the way to middle of the box, unplaned.

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