06 March 2017

Tags: life stephan


I looked up and saw there was no chance.
One of the upcoming trucks will hit me.
Very hard.

There was no chance to have one of the ongoing discussions with my son.
He does not want to stay in School.
He wants play wrong games with his friends.
We discuss this all he time.
I was so fed up with that.

My daughter loves that discussion.
Never gives in.
Does great things and sticks to her stupid ones.
I was so fed up with that.

My wife claims I am always right.
Yes, sarcastic.
Now she is right.

We moved outside so she can work.
And we can pay for the kids, the life with the kids.

I got stuck to the job that allowed me to work so I can drive home everyday.
Nobody ever really asked why I gave up the research.
Well, not enough money and security for the family.

I was often not happy.
But all decisions were mine, also mine.

Life went different to the orginal plan.
I never wanted just a house wife.
I never wanted a son or daughter that allways ignore my ideas and advice.

I adopted my life and did not get all.
But I learned more and more.

My family knows what I prefer.
They consider what I want and sometimes work against it.
Not stupid, but consciously.
They will decide their own.

My family is intelligent and has fun.
And they like me.

As much as I like them.

I learned it just in time.

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