27 January 2017

Tags: life english stephan


My way goes to work.
Everyday it is a bit loader.
There is car noise but I don't mean that.

There is also an extra sound.
It slows me down.
There are now 10 minutes until my train comes.
What I heard were the warning that the boarders for cars go down.
At that time it is the other direction.
I have 10 min, easy.

So after a while at the street,
along lots of ugly noise,
I am at the train boarder,
at bit further away from the street.

The noise is better hearable now.
It's the birds.
If I want I can hear the city noise.
But I don't want to.
So I just ignore that.
Good sound.

The train came, on time.
The train always stopped at the same spot.
So standing were I was would place me right beside a door.
Letting the people out, I was always first in and able to choose my seat.

I could hear the train.
Started to walk upwards.
I heard the train was too fast,
i.e. it would stop somewhere further down.

When you can hear the exact speed of an arriving train it might mean:
I drove from this place already a bit :-)

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