29 November 2016

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Yes, but ...
Do I mind if you correct my bad language ? No please do, but ...

My written language is fairly error prone.
I don't have to smuggle erorrs in.
I make way too many.

Would I mind if anyone would correct me?
No, please do.
It is really annoying how many silly mistakes I find in my texts.

So I must be a fan of Grammer Nazis, right?
No, not at all.

When I read a text I read it for the meaning.
It is much easier if it is written correctly.
But a perfectly written text can present total garbadge.
A horrible missspelled text can present a great idea,
a terrifc insight,
solve difficult problems.

A harsh critic that someone confused "your" and "you're" is stupid.
Point it out, ok, but nicely.
And only if you care about the text or the author.
Otherwise it is a waste of time,
for you,
the author,
everyone on the net reading your critic.

I could argue that English is not my native language
and so I will make harmless mistakes.
No I actually make the same amount of mistakes in German.
I just care more about the content than the Grammar.

The tattoo above will forever create comments.
Might not be such a bad thing long term.
And the content is not that bad.

Although, I rather write my stuff on a computer, with a back space :-)

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