04 November 2016

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Recently I got several mail asking me the difference between Agile and Scrum.
Laughing was my first reaction.
The third time I started to get anoid.
Let me explain the question without explainig the words.

What is the difference between:

Let me answer the last one: None, the left leg is longer.

The last question is clear. The question is a joke, the answer also.
The rest just means that the questioner does not really understand the words he is using.

The general concept is to ask what is the difference between a concept
and on of its parts.

You can ask this a person to test whether he has a vague idea about the concepts.
Why would you ask this a specialist ?

The reason I can see are

Now to come back to the original question: What is the difference between Scrum and Agile ?
From a head hunter.

If he does not believe I am an specialist after working 6 years exclusivley as Scrum Master, published in Xing and Linkedi,
why is he contacting me ?
So he wants to be trained for free or just wants a starting point for a hiring discussion.

Now why can a fool find a good job for me in a topic he has no clue in?
Why should I spend time teaching him for free ?

Finding a job meant looking at net and newspapers for job applications.
Now it means stuff like Monster, Xing and talking to headhunters.

In the past I had some excellent head hunters and some weaker ones.
Now I get about 10 mails per day and about 99% are from automates.
Only a couple a from persons.
There are still really good ones.
But the majority is from people that have no clue.


I state in all relevant pages: Work exclusively in Munich as Scrum Master in long term position.
Are currently in excellent position, not looking for something else.
Experience: Master in Math, Programmer, Scrum Master (last 6 years).

So the senders did not read the public information about me.
Ok. So this is just spam.
They speculate that 1/1000000 might be interested and mail is cheap.

If you use one this emails for actually going for that job than you will do all the work
and they will collect money for that.
Just normal spam.

So the mail with the topic related question, Scrum and Agile, tried to be more personal.
And fails horribly.

My really good head hunter conections never attempted to go into a general topic discussion.
They just checked for real experience with previous companies.
They new some about the topic.
But they did not want to send themselve but find one where the new employee and the company would both profit.

The idiotic question about, Agile and Scrum, presented him not just a fool in the topic,
but also as one completly unable to talk to companies about the topic.

So my real answer must be: "Please do something productive fitting your know how, e.g. selling burgers at MD"

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