09 September 2016

Tags: life english stephan


I was in a large museum.
There were lots of pieces and events.
There were great, beautyfull, interesting, boring, truly ugly and strange ones.

Others interpreted some as scary.
I did not.
Which surprised me myself.

I saw some of them before but not as exposes.
A lot were more interesting.
Some changed their effect.

Trump for example.
He made me mad before.
Now I had to laugh a lot.

Some trees I liked before.
Now I looked for the right angle, the right light and possible some birds to get unbelievable beautifull sights.

As in other museums when you see something not beautifull or interesting you just go to the next.
Little need to complain about bad exposes if there is more to go to.

Others acted as if they could change anything or be responsible for the show.
I new I couldn't and they probably also not.
In a museum you are only responsible for how you experience things.

I saw others more as part of the show.
Still not responsible, just parts.
i.e. could be judged.

There was a business man dressed in a nice suit: costume, not convincing.
There was a woman in a nice dress: ok, but she could do even better.
There was a 4 year old boy in cloth with lots of bears: great.

I did not tell them.
Why would I talk to the pieces instead of the creator.
And I had no idea who the creator was.
Or whether there was one.

As kid I believed there is one for everything.
Here it was clear that this believe is just a lack of scientific knowledge or
an attempt to make someone else responsible.

I wondered whether this was the one real life, just one of them and my postition to them.
Was I in it too or just a guest?
There were plenty of ugly pieces, AFD, IS, bureaucracy ...
But enough great pieces to enjoy them.

And how long was the museum open?
Mostly I wanted to know how fast I should ignore the bad pieces to see more great things.
But knowbody knows.

The only question that weighted on my light feeling was the question:
Can I also create a good piece anyone else would like to see?
Even if that takes lots of years?

A guest in the museum answered that:
If you believe in the value of your last wish you may, even in bad circumstances.

Source at openCage.github.io