24 September 2015

Tags: agile scrum game english stephan




Playing it

Start the game. Depending on the level of the team they might ask for better requirements soon.
Give the nice printout. When the team gets stuck in detailed discussions emphasize that the goal is a flying plane, not a plan.

Good For ...

The game is fun and short. The focus can be on several different topics


A team of 4 freelancers.
During the game the team is mostly talking about what they need in their assigned role.
The tester is not doing anything for 8 / 10 minutes.
After 5 min someone asked for better instructions.
The Scrum Master hands out the printout and emphasizes the build plane goal.
Now the team starts building planes.
Result 3 planes. 2 from printouts.

Findings after the game
* without the titles we would have build 20 planes
* testing is actually fun if you're involved early


Source at openCage.github.io