13 May 2014

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Efficiency is what managers want.
For some strange reason they look at Scrum to speed up their teams.
The even stranger thing is that this is a good idea.
They get efficiency just not right away.

Scrum is actually not designed for efficiency but for quality.
There is nothing in Scrum emphasizing efficiency.
Quite the contrary,
the definition of done,
the requirement for constant learning add extra tasks,
extra long tasks.

Slower not faster.
That is a hard pill to swallow.

But but but didn't you say eventually efficient?
Yes listen.

After a slow start, your team is now routinely following Scrum and Agile principles.
They want more and more frequently input from the PO and customer.
They speak the language of the product not just about its technical but also its business aspects.

The PO needs less and less time to explain the stories, because the team understands the product much better.
The PO needs less and less time testing the stories because the team understands his wishes better and better.

The team members setup a Continuous Delivery Pipeline and learned to develop code with lots of small commits without breaking the build.
Merges are frequent but painless.
Continuous refactorings and code quality initiatives reduced the technical debt.

All team members are familiar with the code base and architecture.
New features are easier to integrate.

The team members are all T-shaped workers.
Thus the team as a whole can handle every task you throw at them, independent of who's on vacation.

You have no QA department anymore.
They didn't find anything in the sprint results by bringing their knowhow to the team.

Every sprint produces a potentially shippable product.
The number of stages from business idea to deployment converge to 1, i.e the team, one sprint.

There is your efficiency.

So how long does this take?
Depends were you start and how much freedom the team gets.
A year to see the first real effects is not unreasonable.

Perfection only comes if you keep improving over years.
But how can I do this within a 6 month customer project?
Well kids that's a story for an other day.

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